Mattress Removal


Mattresses can be extremely bulky, and things might get difficult removing them on your own. Also, you cannot simply throw away a mattress in your garbage.
When you decide it’s time you say goodbye to your old mattress that’s doing nothing but taking up crucial space, get in touch with Must Junk. We will haul off your old and used mattress for eco-friendly disposal near you.
Our heavily discounted curbside pick-up has become immensely popular among the masses and is one of the best ways of disposing of your mattress in the way it should be done.
At Must Junk, our experts will special attention is given to the heavy-lifting, transportation, and correct disposal of your old mattress, which has been with you for a long time.
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1. How early should I book my appointment?
2. Can you still do the job if I am not onsite?

Yes, we can. Provided we know exactly what items need to be hauled away. Although we prefer your presence, it is not absolutely necessary. We will happily work around your schedule.

3. How big is your truck?
4. What equipments do you carry?
5. How much do you cost?
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